Our History

From an early age, Latea owner Jack Hsiao was deeply inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit while watching him build his own tutor-school company from the ground up and knew he wanted to follow his entreinueal spirit and start his own business someday. Arriving to the U.S as a teenager, he would attend Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and go on to study hospitality and tourism management. During this time, he used his extensive knowledge of the bubble tea industry gained from his grandmother’s ample experience in this industry. Jack saw potential for creating his own bubble tea brand utilizing organic, all-natural whole leaf teas and fresh ingredients with the goal of promoting tea-drinking culture through Latea while growing it into a nationwide brand. 

Since opening it's doors for the very first time in 2013, LaTea Lounge has grown to 4 different locations in 4 unique cities across the United states! Jack has shown college students, visitors, and locals alike the importance of how sourcing as naturally and organically as possible can make a huge difference in his bubble teas, pastries, and customer experience. 


Humble Beginings

Latea begins operations as a delivery service only, bringing delicious teas right to your doorstep!


Our First Store!

Latea's Open it's First Location in WEST LAFAYETTE - IN


Latea begins to expand

After the success of Latea's West Lafayette location, our second location opened to the public in 2015


Indiana gets it's second Latea Location

After 6 years of continued success, Latea opens it's doors to it's third location in Indianapolis, Indiana!


Latea comes to the West Coast!

After continued success in Indiana and Illinois, Latea opens it doors to our fourth location in the heart of Los Angeles - Culver City!


Latea comes to Denver!

After continued success in Indiana and Illinois, Latea opens it doors to our fifth location by south of Denver - Long Tree!

Our Vision

Our beverages include bubble tea and iced tea utilizing all natural organic tea with a wide array of flavors including favorites such as caramel, vanilla, coffee, and honey. Our signature snacks offered at LaTea will be our specialty seasoned fries, along with a variety of other items including sweets and pastries.